It is quite a privilege and honour to have this designation which shows that I have attained a level of excellence and competence to practice in my field.

Tanya Legall, MPH, BSc, a-IPCInfection Prevention and Safety Coordinator | Covenant House Toronto

Acquiring the a-IPC title has given me more confidence in my profession, especially as a travel infection preventionist nurse.

Patrick D. Congjuico MSN, BSN-RN, a-IPCInfection Preventionist | Travel Nurse IP

Becoming a-IPCTM has been a huge accomplishment for me! I think that the certification displays my commitment to the field of infection prevention and is a stamp of approval to show that I am knowledgeable in this realm of public health and healthcare.

Jillian Barthelemy, a-IPCInfection Prevention Trainer | Regional Infection Prevention Support Team

I feel by initiating the a-IPC on my own it shows my commitment to my position and my desire to be in this specialty for the long haul.

Sherry A. Anadiotis, a-IPCInfection Preventionist/MDRO Coordinator | Cheyenne VA Medical Center

Certification will empower you. It will build your knowledge base and help you truly be the expert in reducing the risk of infections. It will build your confidence and your ability to be an effective leader.

Dr. Buffy J. Lloyd-Krejci, DrPH, MS, BS, CIC, LTC-CIPEpidemiologist and CEO | IPCWell, LLC

The exam prep teaches you a lot, and it also shows you where to find additional resources and answers.

Carra Hindberg, LTC-CIPInfection Preventionist | Valley Senior Living

Certification has given me greater confidence in knowing that I have the breadth of knowledge to do my job effectively. This knowledge helps me understand what I can impact, how to analyze risks, and how to take appropriate precautions to keep my resident’s and staff safe.

Kayla Porter, LTC-CIPInfection Preventionist | Valley Senior Living

The pandemic has forced me to grow as a better collaborator, a quicker thinker, and a stronger problem solver. I’ve been able to witness remarkable triumphs of scientific technology and public health with testing, treatment, and vaccination. I’ve also had to learn how to provide emotional support to patients and team members, how to be a calming voice amongst the chaos, and how to be a leader in the field of infection prevention. I can truthfully say that I am proud to hold my CIC® and look forward to what the rest of my IP career has to offer.

Benjamin Galvan, MLS (ASCP), CICInfection Preventionist | Tampa General Hospital

After achieving my CIC certification the confidence level in me was at its peak. And I got special consideration, a key role in prevention of Covid-19 pandemic in the form of education of healthcare workers, strategies for Covid-19 vaccination and I was a part of research team in publication of transmission of Covid-19 in healthcare workers. During my certification various clinical scenarios in the form of disease transmission, mode of transmission and its prevention were very helpful in implementation of infection prevention strategies like case definition, outbreak management isolation practices, screening of high risk patients and healthcare workers, vaccination strategies and significance of vaccination in hesitant workers.

Syed Abdul Bari, MD, CICInfection Prevention & Control Professional | Prince Sultan Cardiac Center

Becoming certified shows a commitment to best practices in infection prevention and control and improved care regardless of the facility type in which one practices.

Lynn Slonim Fine, PhD, MPH, CICInfection Preventionist | University of Rochester Medical Center